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The prayerful mission of Yale Avenue Christian Church is Caring, Sharing and Serving in the name of Jesus.


The following comprises our Value Statements which set the boundaries of opportunity in which individuals and groups within the congregation can live out the Mission and Vision Statements without having to get permission to act. This provides the subtle boundaries that informally sanction or prohibit behavior.

Relevant, biblical preaching. Preaching will be in the language of the people and will relate to our daily lives.

Commitment to the entire Body of Christ. We are not the only church and we will continue to cooperate with other churches and organizations for the growth of God's Kingdom.

Continued relationship to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). We believe that the covenantal nature of this denomination best describes who we are and enables us to most effectively participate in the larger work of the church.

Commitment to prayer. All that we do will flow out of and be guided by prayer.

Commitment to lay ministry. We believe in the "priesthood of all believers," i.e., every member of this congregation is equipped by God's Spirit and called to use their gifts in the ongoing ministry of this congregation. Whenever possible, our ministries will be carried out by the people.

Commitment to small groups. We are committed to small groups because this is where individual transformation, conversion, leadership development, mission and pastoral care takes place most effectively.

Commitment to the Holy Spirit. We believe that through the power of God's Spirit we are continually called to be aware of the "new thing" God seeks to do in, with, and through us. We know that we cannot be the church nor be faithful to God's vision for us without a total reliance on the Spirit.

Commitment to excellence. We are thankful that God gave us his best and we are committed to using God's gifts and power to be the best we can be to the glory of God.

Commitment to growth. We believe that being faithful to God means growing numerically and spiritually. We must pass the faith on to others and we will pursue methods and policies that encourage this without compromising in any way our integrity or our commitment to biblical truth.

Commitment to tolerance and openness. We recognize that diversity is important within our common mission. We do not seek to provide "black and white" answers to the complex questions of life and faith. We are committed to providing the framework within which to seek God's will and guidance to help bring order to the chaos of life.

Commitment to a "dual track" system. We will not take away or stop ministries and programs that are effective and serving our present membership. We will continue these while at the same time adding ministries, services (such as a contemporary worship service that is directed toward "seekers") and programs that will reach the unchurched.

Commitment to families. We realize that the family is in trouble today and we will seek to take the lead in providing help in making families stronger, healthier and more nurturing.

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